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Part 1 of the most recent Pacman saga was him getting cut. Part 2 was the revelation that ESPN was alleging he was the cause of another strip club shooting, and a bunch of bloggers and talking heads immediately assumed he was responsible for the shooting. Part 3 was Pacman threatening to sue, and a bunch more bloggers and talking heads called out ESPN for making “unfounded” allegations.

Part 4 is this video, a sneak peek at this weekend’s coming “Outside the Lines” where ESPN’s John Barr digs up three witnesses/victims, and surveillance video that seemingly supports their claims that Pacman orchestrated the shooting.

So who’s wrong and who’s right and who’s getting shot and who’s getting sued? I dunno, man. I hate these stories that slowly unravel like a sweater made of onions, plus someone sent me some photos of a particularly fluffy kitten, so what were we talking about? Oh right. Adam Jones will never play in the NFL again.

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