Absolutely No One Can Believe Manny Pacquiao Lost To Jeff Horn And The Internet Reacted Hilariously

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It wasn’t supposed to go down like this. Manny Pacquiao was supposed to defend his WBO welterweight title with ease. He was too slick, too smooth and still too fast, even at 38 years of age. Simply put, everyone knew Pac was savvy enough to avoid Horn’s power and get the win. Probably even the knockout. That’s how one-sided the odds were coming into the fight. Horn would have none of it.

From the opening bell, Jeff Horn, a former high school teacher and power puncher with a farmer’s tan would come out with zero respect for the legendary game of Manny Pacquiao. He would grind him down, slowly, and even though Pac would out-land the bigger man, the judge’s scorecards would read 117-111. To the shock of the entire stadium and everyone watching on ESPN, Jeff Horn would win the first title he ever challenged for and down one of the greatest boxers of his generation.

No one could believe it. No one. Twitter went insane once the scorecards were read. It was impossible this bloodbath went the way of the Australian, but it did. Many thought it was a Steve Harvey moment. A total screw up. But it wasn’t. Horn was a real life Rocky.

And so, the internet (and the UFC) reacted appropriately and hilariously.