Pacquiao is Paris Hilton’s New BFF

Pro Wrestling Editor

In a blog post that would’ve gotten tons of traffic maybe six years ago, Manny Pacquiao celebrated his decision-by-way-of-inevitability victory over Sugar Shane Mosley by hanging out with socialite turned porn star turned pop culture icon turned something turned nobody Paris Hilton. I’m guessing he punched her in the face, which is why her eyeball is doing that thing.

Paris tweeted: “Hanging out with @MannyPacquiao and his beautiful wife Jinkee. They are such a sweet & down to earth couple! Love them! :)”

Jinkee also had her picture taken with the American celebrity. Paris reportedly had a hard time leaving the media room as Filipino fans mobbed her.

Unfortunately it was neither the mob that buries people in cement, nor the one that carries pitchforks and torches and tries to kill monsters. “Wow! Such an honor to be brought on stage by Manny & his wife Jinkee after the fight. Can’t wait to visit them when I go to the Philippines,” she tweeted. In response, I tweeted, “Maybe you should’ve trained with Sugar Shane so he could learn how to take one in the face,” but I barely know how to use Twitter, and I’m pretty sure she can’t read.

In addition to whomping a man and hanging out with the star of a memorable Hardee’s commercial we’ve all forgotten, Pacquiao’s Saturday night included two hours of him playing live music with his band, because I guess he’s a little Filipino Renaissance Man Robert Palmer who can kill you. No word on whether or not Manny covered the Paris Hilton classic “Stars Are Blind” during his set.


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