A Padres Reliever Hit A Grand Slam Against The Nationals And Everyone Freaked The Hell Out

A home team’s starter getting blown out often means a long day of baseball for fans who were hoping for a fun day at the ballpark, but Daniel Camarena put on a show for San Diego fans despite a bad outing from the Padres’ starter.

Thursday’s series finale between the Padres and Washington Nationals started as a disappointing ace showdown between Washington’s Max Scherzer and San Diego’s Yu Darvish, the latter of which was chased from the game after allowing six runs on just three innings of work. But Scherzer himself was struggling as well. Padres superstar Fernando Tatis Jr. hit a home run against Scherzer earlier in the inning, and with more than 80 pitches through 3+ innings of work.

With the bases loaded Camarena, a 28-year-old reliever who had himself given up two runs the prior half-inning, shocked everyone in the park by launching a low 1-2 pitch to right field for an improbable grand slam.

The reaction from in the park was absolutely wild, especially for fans of a team loaded with offensive talent and used to seeing home runs. Everyone basically lost their minds, including this guy who was caught hand jiving on live TV.


Multiple screams of “OH MY GOD” were heard on the Padres broadcast, and people in the crowd were caught saying the same thing, too.

It was quite a scene, capped by a reliever making his second career MLB appearance getting to wear a gigantic, spinning Padres wordmark chain to celebrate the dinger.


Camerena actually helped the Padres come all the way back to win in what was a wild game, as the grand slam was part of a seven-run fourth inning that also saw Scherzer get chased from the game. The Padres then walked off in the bottom of the ninth.

And everyone in the park will remember where they were when Daniel Camarena brought down the house in San Diego.