Paging Mr. Haynesworth…

05.10.10 9 years ago 2 Comments

Washington Redskins defensive lineman and 2009 free agency darling Albert Haynesworth seems to be upset about a lot of things. The $100 million dollar man has griped about his injured ankle, his role in the Washington defense, the shortage of Whoppers in the team fridge, and now he’s sitting out of offseason workouts. He’s the only one missing OTAs, and Redskins defensive end Phillip Daniels did not mince words about his feelings.

“From what I’m told, he can play the end spot,” Daniels said. “I’ve called him and told him that. The thing is, we have 100 percent participation if he is here. It’s now 99. He’s got to be here.”

“There is no room for negotiation at 4-12,” he added, speaking of the team’s woeful record last season. “I’m here, [London] Fletcher’s here, everybody’s here,” Daniels added. “He’s got to understand that. We need him to come here, be here and show these young guys that the veterans have bought in and that we want to win games.” –Mike Wise/WaPo.

I’m torn on the idea of Organized Team Activities in the offseason. Yeah, your team needs to get better, but at the same time, they just spent six months beating the crap out of each other (and the rest of the NFL). That said, I’d hate to be the only guy not there, especially if I was the highest-paid. But that doesn’t fly with Mike Shanahan, who would climb into your bedroom window and read your playbook to you at bedtime if he could. Hey, as long as he doesn’t hog the blankets at night, I’m cool with it.

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