UFC Fighter Paige VanZant Looks To Be An Early Favorite On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Tonight marks the return of Dancing With The Stars and this season the UFC has another fighter representing them in the form of women’s straw-weight fighter Paige VanZant. In the past it was Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture, and they didn’t last too long in the competition. I’ve got a good feeling about Paige though. She comes in with a lot more grace and natural dance ability than Chuck and Randy.

There was talk during the introduction videos that Paige would have to de-program some of her fighting instincts to make a go of things on the dance floor, but once she was out there she flowed through the foxtrot and kept up with her dance partner gracefully. There were a few moments where the two lost a bit of sync, but overall it was leaps and bounds beyond what we’re used to seeing when a UFC fighter appears on Dancing With The Stars.

As for the scores, all three judges gave the pair an acceptable 7/10 score for 21 points, putting Paige in a tie for fourth place with Donald Trump’s ex-wife Marla Maples. Above them with 23 points each: Boyz II Men singer Wanya Morris, Good Morning America weather presenter Ginger Zee, and model / actor Nyle DiMarco.

Down at the bottom: reporter Geraldo Rivera, NFL player Doug Flutie, and the OC’s Mischa Barton.

Watch Paige and two time DWTS winner Mark Ballas in the videos below: