Watch This Panamanian Club Player Shove His Manager After Being Substituted

Bad behavior is nothing new to the world of professional soccer. Sometimes we see soccer players kick their opponents in the neck, or face. Other times, it’s the officials who are in danger of getting punched in the face and sometimes resort to bringing guns onto the field for protection.

But while outbursts of violence against opposing players and officials aren’t all that uncommon, what you rarely see is a professional soccer player lashing out against his own manager.

During a match-up between Plaza Amador and Arabe Unido in the Panama Cup, Plaza Amadaor midfielder Manuel Torres was none too pleased with being pulled from the game for a substitute by manager Juan Carlos Garcia.

Instead of just stewing on the sidelines, or even exchanging words with his manager in private, Torres chose the worst possible option, which was to actually strike his coach in the neck with a shove, which apparently came afterd Torres first threw cups at his manager in protest.

Call me crazy, but I feel like if you’re angle is trying to get more playing time, lashing out in acts of violence against the man who directly controls that is not the wisest move.

(Via AS TV)