A Postgame Melee Broke Out, And Florida’s Announcer Had Some Bizarre Insults For Vancouver

The Florida Panthers had their 12-game winning streak snapped in Vancouver on Tuesday night when the Canucks’ Daniel Sedin managed to pot the game’s winning goal in overtime. Immediately following the goal, Sedin appeared to stare down the Panthers’ bench and spark a strong reaction, as the benches cleared and both teams were involved in a heated scrum for a lengthy period of time.

Several guys appeared to be seriously ticked off in the heat of the moment, including Florida coach Gerard Gallant and goaltender Roberto Luongo, who did this:

But maybe nobody lost their mind quite as much as Panthers broadcaster Denis Potvin, who used an extremely bizarre burn (?) to insult the Sedin twins during the near-melee.

“The Sedins are pointing fingers now … Normally they only use those fingers to lick the peanut butter off of their bread.”

If you’re looking for someone to translate or make sense of that for you, you’re going to need to look elsewhere because I have absolutely no idea what on Earth that’s supposed to mean. Regardless, the conviction in his voice makes me believe he roasted the twins pretty good?

As for what started the whole incident, nobody seems to know the particulars, but a few Canucks players provided some insight in the postgame interviews.

Either way, whatever was said or done following the final whistle was enough for Potvin to call Sedin a “low life,” which is — if nothing else — a lot easier to decipher than his prior insult.