Parents Are Really Upset Over This Victoria’s Secret Spring Break Ad

With hundreds of thousands of college students recovering, enjoying or maybe still planning their Spring Break adventures for this year, word is beginning to surface that there may be a darker underbelly to this great American tradition that I have been honoring all week. According to the cool kids who play their loud rap music at the malt shops, there’s a chance that young men and women are “hooking up” and “getting their freak on” whilst taking a break from Academia, and it appears that the culprit behind all of this nincompoopery is Victoria’s Secret and its new “Bright Young Things” line.

While I refuse to believe that a company as splendid as VS, which has brought us shining examples of humanity in Adriana Lima, Doutzen Kroes, Candice Swanepoel and many, many others, would knowingly encourage young women to behave in illicit manners, there are some parents out there who believe otherwise. And parents know everything and have never, ever done anything wrong. Am I right, kids?

Thousands of parents took to social media and online petitions to complain that the line was targeted at ‘tween and teen girls.

Diana Cherry, a Seattle mother of three young daughters and a son, got nearly 4,000 supporters to sign her petition that called the underwear “a glaring example of a culture forcing girls to grow up too fast.”

Commenters on the Victoria Secret Facebook page said the campaign was “disgusting” and “sexually [exploited] teenagers.” Many called on shoppers to boycott stores. (Via CNN)

Well, Betty and Bonnie Buzzkill have already won, because Victoria’s Secret has removed the Bright Young Things line from stores and online, and replaced it with a new line. Hopefully, it’s something a little classier and maybe made of Fruit Roll-Ups.

(Simpsons via)