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It’s too bad that this post isn’t about Zach Greinke, he of the phenomenally awesome 0.60 ERA 0.83 WHIP, because he deserves some attention. No, this is about another happening in Kauffman Stadium, the home of the Greinke’s Kansas City Royals: a fight between parents that started when someone stepped in front of another couple trying to photograph her kid. From KMBC via Sports Rubbish:

Witnesses said the foursome began shouting and cursing at each other and then began exchanging blows. One woman was knocked to the ground, where the other woman began kicking her, according to the police report.

“We peek around the corner expecting to see kids fighting, but it’s four adults right on the playground,” said Laura Phipps, who witnessed the fight.

It gets better.

“It was beyond a brawl. It started out as four people, and then as kids were getting toppled, those parents came in, the women were fighting,” Phipps said. “The saddest scene was a girl wrapped around mom’s waist and saying, ‘Please don’t,’ and she’s throwing punches.”

Kids say the most pacifist things sometimes. It’s because their shoulders aren’t developed enough for genuine punching power. Anyway, two people were cited and taken into custody. Up for debate was the response time for security to reach the playground once the fracas started–a witness said it took 10 minutes. Better question: instead of putting a children’s park inside of a baseball stadium, why not just take your kid to…an actual park?

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