06.26.07 11 years ago 34 Comments

As I'm sure you all know, Spurs guard Tony Parker and his hateful shrike of a fiancee are getting married on July 7th, a date I have circled on my calendar.  In blood.  With frowny faces around it.  They've already sold the rights to their wedding photos, and they also spent the past weekend in New York.

The couple picked up presents for young relatives at FAO Schwarz, saw "Wicked" and had a quiet downtown dinner on Saturday.  Eva even managed to squeeze in a final wedding-dress fitting with her stylist.

Oh yeah, Wicked. That's the one where the evil witch is portrayed as as a sympathetic figure.  Must have hit close to home.

Anyway, here's the Chupacabra on her trip to Cartier to buy gifts for her bridesmaids yesterday.  I'm sure she's also writing really nice cards to them, too.  "Thanks for making me look skinnier!  Love, Eva"

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