Passion, Pain And Meat

10.11.10 7 years ago

Morning Meat is our less-than-clever name for our list of great sports links from around the internet. Send us tips at, follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.

Here’s a compelling case for you to start following Jessica Gysin.

Frathouse Sports.

It’s a guide to men’s sweaters, which are like that pink sh:t you put in your attic, but it’s for your body. Fresh…respected.

THE Smoking Section.

You, yes you, can make your own subpar announcement video.


Bees, toddlers and Justin Bieber. Wow, I think I like “bees” the most out of everything on that list.

Uproxx News.

This is something about being a rock star, and the payoff is totally worth it if you don’t click this in the office.

BuzzFeed [NSFW].

Apparently “Sexy Wookie” is the new Slave Leia. Or just happens to be Slave Leia six months after her Brazilian. It’s not news…


Step you game up: nine tips on picking up women. I’m assuming that these techniques also work on trannies, who are usually game to get down regardless.

THE Smoking Jacket.

The jagoff that wrote this was trying to make fun of Snooki, but it’s so poorly written that I’m pretty sure that Snooki actually wrote it.

Ego TV.

Somebody took a Monopoly board and gave it a theme based on “The Wire.” I’d make a ref here but I was the only person in America that has never seen that show.

Unreality Mag.

This was titled “A Gallery of Beautiful Waterfalls.” And that’s really not a euphemism.


One of my favorite memes on the internet happens to be one of the most underrated. Dance on, Rave Dog. Dance on.

Fork Party.

Being a parent isn’t easy, as evidenced by these 31 groups of people that find themselves frequently challenged by life.

Ned Hardy.

More Uproxx News; this has something to do with legalizing pot.

Uproxx News.

It’s high time that the bathrobe got an update. Maybe now I won’t get those awkward looks when I wear mine out to the club.

Topless Robot.

The six most disgusting people in Hollywood. I’m more disgusted by the fact that the jagoff that made this list could only come up with six people.


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