Punter Pat McAfee Fired Off A Tweetstorm About The Colts GM Right After He Was Fired

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The Indianapolis Colts fired GM Ryan Grigson on Saturday. It seemed like a move that needed to happen, as Indy’s on-field performance over the last few years has declined while rumblings of a rift between Grigson and Chuck Pagano have been out there for a while.

At the beginning of the offseason, it looked like Grigson was going to come back for the 2017 season. But on Saturday, the team decided to part ways with him, much to the delight of outspoken punter Pat McAfee.

McAfee has been in Indianapolis since 2009, so he’s seen the inner workings of this organization before and during the Grigson years. So when he does something like, say, refer to the team’s ex-general manager as a person of “unwarranted arrogance,” we can probably trust his assessment.

McAfee is also not the kind of person to hold back his thoughts on a subject. He’s one of the NFL’s more brutally honest players, sometimes to a fault. Additionally, McAfee is willing to publicly call out members of the media who get under his skin, so when ESPN’s Dan Dakich laughed off his complaints by calling him “the punter,” McAfee fired back.

The Colts should probably seek to do two things in their search for a new GM: make sure they can build a roster that helps Andrew Luck win a Super Bowl during his prime, and hire a person who won’t anger McAfee.