Pat McAfee Torched ‘Douchebag’ Skip Bayless After His Dumb Tweets About Kickers

Getty Image / Youtube

You can always count on Skip Bayless to spout the easiest, knee-jerk contrarian reaction when any sports story pops up. He’s allergic to subtlety and the king of the uninformed. Skip gave us another example of this on Sunday night, after the Cardinals-Seahawks 6-6 debacle:

Normally we would ignore this typical idiocy, but former Colts punter Pat McAfee couldn’t, he went in on Bayless:

Is it the most creative joke to go after a man for wearing makeup? No, no it isn’t — he’s on TV, after all, and what’s wrong with makeup anyway? Yet, we’re still moved to side with Pat on this one, because it’s impossible to spout opinions as tired as Skip’s. Of course, the more athletes engage his antics, the more visible his antics become, and most sports fans wish he would go away… It’s a tough spot, but sometimes you just need to say what’s on your mind.