Pat Sajak Feels ‘Great’ After His Recent Health Scare

Pat Sajak has turned over Wheel of Fortune hosting duties to Vanna White recently as he’s been dealing with health issues. Sajak underwent emergency surgery to deal with a blocked intestine, a scary turn of events for the 73-year-old who has been tasked with hosting the show since 1983.

The good news, as Sajak told Good Morning America, is that he’s doing better now, going as far as to say he feels “great.” Still, as Sajak spelled out, he was a little worried that he might have reached the end of the line due to the amount of pain he was in. Sajak did not feel any relief from the myriad of drugs that he was given by those tending to him for the ailment, leaving him laying “in the fetal position” in bed.

“In the background, I could hear my wife and daughter talking,” Sajak said. “It sounded like they were a mile off, but they were right next to me. They were talking to each other. And I remember thinking, not in a morbid way, ‘I think this must be death. This must be what death is like.’ And all I thought of was hearing their voices, I thought, ‘Their lives are gonna change now.'”

In much happier news, Sajak told GMA that the reason the voices were so far off was that he was high, and now, he’s back in the studio and taping shows. While there’s no word on when those will hit the air, Sajak does believe he won’t serve as host for too much longer, regardless of his recent health issues.

“I don’t have a date in mind, but two [years], three, something like that,” Sajak said.