Things Got Confusing When The A’s Switch-Pitcher Went Up Against A Switch-Hitter

On Friday we told you about Pat Venditte, a pitcher who received a call up to the Oakland A’s after spending seven years in the minor leagues. Venditte, of course, isn’t your garden variety reliever. You see, he can throw with both arms – and he’s quite good at it. He has a fastball and slider that can often hit high 80’s from both sides.

In his MLB appearance against the Red Sox, Venditte got outs in the same inning inning with his right and left arm. Then in the next inning, things got weird when Venditte went up against a switch-hitter. According to a rule (put in place because of him), Venditte is forced to declare which arm he’s using before he steps on the mound.

Needless to say, everyone’s having fun with this. Here’s fellow A’s pitcher Sean Doolittle.

Venditte finished with two scoreless innings.

(Via MLB)