The Lawyer For Patrick Kane’s Accuser Levied Some Serious Accusations About Integrity Of Evidence

Patrick Kane
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Thomas Eoannou, the attorney for Patrick Kane’s accuser, held a press conference in Buffalo on Wednesday, the first time he has spoken publicly regarding his client’s allegations that Kane sexually assaulted her at his home on Aug. 2. Over the weekend, reports surfaced from the Buffalo News that evidence taken from a rape kit showed no trace of Kane’s DNA on the alleged victim’s genital area. However, his DNA was found beneath the woman’s fingernails and on her shoulder.

During the conference, Eoannou read a prepared statement indicating his frustration that his client’s rape kit had been leaked.

“[Earlier this week], it was reported that DNA tests found evidence of at least one person’s DNA on [my client’s] genital area, but no DNA of Kane. The consequence of this report has been to discredit my client in public. With concerns of the integrity of that evidence, on Tuesday, the rape kit was anonymously delivered to [the accuser’s] mother. It contains my client’s identity, birth date, location where it was done, and confirms the nurse’s initials who [administered the kit]. As you can see from the pictures, this evidence bag has been ripped open. The purpose of the evidence bag is to protect the items from tampering. In my 30 years plus in law, I have never seen an evidence bag outside of a police lab. On behalf of my client, I am requesting an independent investigation from a separate law-enforcement agency.”

Eoannou then stated that he has no intention to settle out of court with Kane’s attorneys at this time. He also continued to re-iterate that independent law-enforcement get involved due to what he feels has been an effort to discredit his client.

Kane has yet to be charged with any crime. He joined the Blackhawks last week for the beginning of training camp.