Patrick Kane’s Lawyer Is Getting Into Arguments With Strangers On Facebook

Patrick Kane
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Paul Cambria, the lawyer for Patrick Kane, got into a heated back-and-forth Monday with Buffalo-based blogger Alan Bedenko and some of his followers. Cambria urged everyone to not rush to judgment on the Blackhawks’ star forward, who has been accused of sexual assault stemming from an alleged incident at his home in the early-morning hours of Aug. 2.

Bedenko, a writer for The Daily Public, published an editorial column on Monday morning where he asked everyone to “take a cue from all the lawyers involved in the case and stop talking to the press.” His column was inspired by comments made by Thomas English, the off-duty police officer who was Kane’s designated driver on the night of the alleged incident, in which English stated that it was a “mutual agreement” for him to drive everyone back to Kane’s house that night, including Kane’s accuser. This, of course, contradicted earlier statements made by friends of the accuser, who stated that she was hesitant to go, but wanted to protect her friend.

In a screenshot obtained by Deadspin, Cambria responded on Facebook to Bedenko’s column, saying everyone should “respect the process,” adding that “anyone who is an eyewitness has something important to say.” He then went on to argue with several strangers about “keeping an open mind.”

Cambria has represented Kane in the past, and was his representation when Kane was accused of assaulting a cab driver in Buffalo in 2009.

(Via Deadspin)