Patrick Peterson Had To Warm Up Prior To Monday Night Football In A Dinosaur Costume

Hey everyone, feast your eyes on this 26-year-old All-Pro NFL player warming up in an oversized dinosaur costume. Patrick Peterson lost a bet, and as punishment, he had to go through warm-ups before the Arizona Cardinals’ Monday Night Football showdown with the New York Jets while dressed in the most ridiculous way imaginable. Peterson donned a dinosaur costume, ran onto the field, and got in some pregame calisthenics while looking like a dang tyrannosaurus rex.

This raises a pretty obvious question: Why is Peterson taking the field before Monday Night Football dressed in a dinosaur costume? He lost a bet, obviously, but what exactly was that bet?

According to, he tried to throw footballs against quarterbacks and that didn’t work out for him. The Cardinals’ signal callers do a competition every week, Peterson usually participates, and this week, he lost.

Peterson, a cornerback, regularly participates in the team’s quarterback bucket challenge, where they throw balls into a bucket.

The loser gets to run onto the field before games in interesting outfits.

So yeah, let this be a lesson to everyone: if people do something well, don’t try to one-up them at that thing they do well. If you do, you’re gonna end up dressing like a dinosaur.

(Via AZCentral)