Patrick Surtain II Already Won Draft Night With His Incredible PS2 Controller Chain

NFL Draft night has become quite the spectacle ever since the league moved the first round to primetime on Thursday, allowing the best and brightest prospects to get the spotlight all to themselves, before the later rounds on Friday and Saturday. As such, Draft night fashion has become as big for players as, say, award show fashion is for actors and actresses in Hollywood.

Players make sure to look their best and show a little personality with their outfits, whether that be with a flashy suit, shoes, or jewelry. Custom chains, suits, four-figure shoes and more have become commonplace, so it really takes something special to stand out at this point, but Patrick Surtain II managed to do just that. The Alabama cornerback and son of former NFL DB Patrick Surtain is set to hear his name called on Thursday night in the first round, potentially in the top 10-15 picks.

Surtain showed off his Draft night fit to Tyler Tynes and GQ Sports, embracing his PS2 initials with the best chain in Draft history — an iced out PlayStation 2 controller (that lights up) with Surtain written on it made by Leo Frost.

It is a truly incredible piece and the most creative use of one’s initials in some time — the initial + number formula has been used for ages, but in this case Surtain spins it into something far better than just a chain that reads “PS2” or something. A PS2 controller charm (even if it’s a later model controller, who cares) is truly legendary, and while we’ll have to wait a few more hours to find out where Surtain is going to be starting his NFL career, he’s already won Draft night.

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