The Patriots Are Embroiled In Another Spygate Scandal Over Taking Video Of The Bengals

The Patriots have stumbled recently after getting off to a perfect 8-0 start to the season, losing three of their last five. New England’s offense is sputtering, and while their defense has been terrific all season, it hasn’t been able to keep the league’s best teams out of the end zone enough to bolster the struggling offense.

The good news is after facing a five-game stretch against quality opponents, including the losses to Baltimore, Houston, and Kansas City, the Pats get a reprieve in the form of the 1-12 Cincinnati Bengals. It’s a game that one would expect to be a walkover for the Patriots, but they’ve found a way to find themselves in yet another scandal involving videotaping an opponent, this time with the lowly Bengals.

A Patriots cameraman was credentialed at the Browns-Bengals game on Sunday through Cleveland, and the Pats say he was there taking video of a scout for a behind the scenes video.

However, the Bengals believe something nefarious was afoot, as they reportedly caught someone videoing the Bengals sideline for the entirety of the first quarter, per Dianna Russini of ESPN.

And so, we have yet another Spygate controversy regarding the Patriots, and the most amazing part is that it involves them possibly taping the Bengals, a team with one win on the season. The league and Bengals apparently have the tapes and will review them, but if what Russini reports is the case, one would think the Pats may once again find themselves facing significant punishment from the NFL. If the Patriots are correct and it was all a big misunderstanding, then we’ll move on, but given their history, no one will be giving them much benefit of the doubt if the tape seems suspicious.