Despite Bad Calls And Their First Loss, The Patriots Are Going To Be Just Fine

11.30.15 2 years ago 12 Comments
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Way back when the New England Patriots were just 3-0, and we were so innocent and Peyton Manning still resembled the general framework of a functional NFL quarterback, I figured it would be fun to time travel through the next few weeks and see what the immediate future held for Tom Brady and the Gillette Gang. Just a little thought experiment to see whether the Pats could pull off another 2007 and run the table to the Super Bowl. Crazy, right? Well, anything seemed possible back then and I was hopped up on allergy meds.

As I went week to week, mostly taking into account the pass defense of New England’s opponent, it became pretty clear that the first real test would come in Week 12 in Denver. A road game against the No. 1 pass defense might be too much for Touchdown Tom, I guessed. The elements, the possibility of an opposing quarterback that could equal Brady, coming off a short week, it was all too much, I guessed:

If this was in New England, it’d maybe be a 51-49 lean to the Pats. But in the high altitude of Denver, against a longtime rival who’s out to prove he can still compete at the highest level, this one will be tough for even the Pats to overcome. This could be 38-34 or 20-17 and I wouldn’t be surprised either way, but I think Denver comes through a winner.

Hey, what do you know! Denver won by one score, 30-24, and New England is now 10-1. How could I possibly explain such crack prognosticating?

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