The Patriots Defensive Coordinator Was Spotted Wearing A Shirt Depicting Roger Goodell As A Clown

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The not-so-subtle subtext of the Patriots celebration of their fifth Super Bowl title was that of sticking it to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. No one addressed it directly on the field after the game, but owner Robert Kraft hinted at the DeflateGate punishment in his speech on the podium and Goodell was heavily booed by the Patriot faithful when he stepped to the mic.

Tom Brady, who had to sit out the first four games of the season due to the suspension handed down to him by Goodell, remained diplomatic in his approach at his Super Bowl MVP press conference on Monday morning when he interacted with the commissioner. For those looking for some fireworks, it was a bit disappointing, but on Monday an unlikely source that gave us the first overt shot at Goodell from the Patriots as defensive coordinator Matt Patricia was spotted exiting the team plane in a shirt with Goodell’s face wearing a clown nose.

Patricia is a really good defensive coordinator, but is best known by the casual NFL fan as the big bearded guy with a pencil behind his ear on the Patriots sideline. Now he can add “the coach that wore a Goodell clown nose shirt after the Super Bowl” to his list of ways the general public will recognize him.