A Patriots Fan Tweeted About Running On The Field, So The NFL Threw Him Out

09.11.15 3 years ago 13 Comments

Mike Tetreault had great seats for Thursday night’s Patriots-Steelers game in Gillette Stadium. He was close enough to fantasize about running onto the field, and he likes social media enough to tweet that fantasy. Ten thousand retweets is a tall order for a tweet that doesn’t involve a rap beef or Riley Curry, but that was as much of a fantasy as running on the field, so Tetreault claimed. The NFL wasn’t buying it:

What’s this? Roger Goodell’s NFL cracking down with far too much force on minor problems while woefully mishandling the major ones? Get outta town. Oh, and for another layer of classic Goodell, cloak-and-dagger goonery!

It probably was never the smartest move to threaten to run out on the field (to say nothing of actually doing it), but this isn’t minority report. If the guy made a dumb proposal on Twitter, and you, NFL security man, know where he is, go talk to him and let him know you’re keeping an eye on him. I guarantee he won’t do it if he knows he’s being watched. Tetreault wanted everyone to know what was going on, as he did his best to film interactions with the security that was booting him:

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