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Paul Davis, seen here about to be dunked on, is willing to get dunked on for money. Here's his description of the conversation with his pimp agent before a Gatorade commercial with Dwyane Wade:

"I got a call from my agent wondering if I wanted to do a commercial with [Wade] and I said, 'Yeah' " Davis said. "He said, 'The only thing is . . . you kind of, sort of, get dunked on.' " "I said, 'Well how much is it for?' And he told me and I said, 'I'll get dunked on for that.' "

Apparently, white centers who play for the Los Angeles Clippers liked to be dunked upon. If memory serves, Paul Davis matriculated at Michigan State, and maybe it's just coincidence, but I knew some lovely ladies at a fine gentlemen's club in East Lansing who would humiliate themselves for money. What did they do? Ah, ah – a gentleman (i.e. drunken Irishman who blacked-out) never tells. Anyway, they were working on their Communications degrees at MSU, so maybe Spartans Achaeans like to degrade themselves for financial compensation. Of course, the football and basketball teams will do it for free. Hi-Yo!  -KD 

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