Paulie Malignaggi WAS ROBBED

08.24.09 10 years ago 5 Comments

People give me grief all the time about boxing is more of a sport than MMA, and this is the biggest argument against that sort of logic. Here’s Paulie Malignaggi, who made the trip to Houston to fight Juan Diaz in Diaz’s hometown of Houston, Texas, well aware that he might not get a fair shake at a decision if the fight went the distance. Well, it did, and he didn’t.

Malignaggi lost a unanimous decision, and let everyone in Houston know that he felt he was robbed. I give this rant 4 stars, but a NSFW warning for language:

Boxing has no f*cking integrity left. It’s been happening for years. That’s why this sport has no popularity left. That’s why nobody watches this sh*t because every year there are decision like this and probably even worse than this. I don’t really know how close this fight was. People get f*cked constantly. Nobody watches boxing anymore because of sh*t like this.

As far as I’m concerned, if a tree falls in the middle of a boxing ring and nobody’s watching, I could really care less. KOGOD will follow me home and murder me if I say “boxing is dying,” so I’ll just say, “Boxing has bad eyesight, and isn’t getting around so good. And has really bad bladder control problems.” Come on, Kogod, they don’t make those adult diapers just for fun. via.

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