Paulina Gretzky Covered ‘Picture’ By Kid Rock In The Least Cool Paulina Gretzky Moment Ever

Pro Wrestling Editor

Paulina Gretzky seems cool.

She’s always doing hipster photoshoots on Instagram, working hard to perfect her golf swing or … I don’t know, she’s a gorgeous model who is Wayne Gretzky’s daughter, I don’t care if she’s dancing to the Thong Song, she’s cool.

The least cool Paulina Gretzky moment ever was posted on Instagram today, officially topping ‘Puckin’ Hot!’ Behold, Paulina Gretzky singing the Sheryl Crow parts of the Kid Rock featuring Sheryl Crow hit ‘Picture.’ Precious things should not be this close to Uncle Kracker.

I hope this was filmed in a shop set up at the top of a Four Seasons.

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