Paulina Gretzky Just Made Golf Digest A Whole Lot More Interesting

By getting engaged to PGA pro Dustin Johnson, Paulina Gretzky basically certified her status as the No. 1 WAG in the ultimate gentleman’s game. You know, in addition to finding the love of her life and the man that she wants to spend eternity with, depending on how you rank priorities. Regardless, the 25-year old daughter of hockey’s Great One is now the go-to model for golf brands and publications, as evidenced by the above photo that she Tweeted from the set of a recent TaylorMade golf commercial. BRB, throwing my Nike clubs in the trash to go buy everything that TaylorMade makes.

But Paulina’s biggest news is that she’s now the biggest cover model in the golf game, thanks to Golf Digest giving her the front page of the upcoming issue. According to the magazine, Paulina’s own impressive fitness routine makes her a role model for women for everywhere, but let’s face it – this girl is golf’s newest star.

“Sports figures, celebrities and models have appeared on Golf Digest covers since the magazine’s beginning,” Golf Digest Editor-in-Chief Jerry Tarde said. “Paulina ranks at the high end of the golf celebrity scene today, and she has a compelling story to tell. She also might get some new people interested in the game.” (Via Golf Digest)

Now let’s just take a quick dip into the Golf Digest comments to see if anyone is buying that PR-basted filet of fluff.

Hahaha. Your explanation for why she’s on the cover missed April Fool’s by two full days! I have an alternate take: Golf’s main demographic- aging white men with faltering libidos – can tell themselves they still have a shot with beautiful young publicity hounds.

Whatever bro, Golf Digest ain’t got time for the haters when they’re bringing us quality covers and galleries like this one.