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We’ll get to our link dump shortly, but there’s a bigger issue out there at the moment: “women” are now getting paid to “play video games” with you, the desperate XBOX user. Now you can find companionship from the comfort of your mother’s basement, which is great, because to be able to do that four years ago, you had to start a sports blog.

How does GameCrush work?

There are two types of GameCrush members – Players and PlayDates. Players can search PlayDate profiles and select which PlayDate they want to play. Players pay and PlayDates get paid for each game they play. After a game is completed we ask the Player to rate their gaming experience which is recorded on the PlayDate’s profile.

What games does GameCrush support?

GameCrush currently supports xBox 360 games including Call of Duty 4, Gears of War 2, Grand Theft Auto IV and Halo. PC-based casual games include Checkers, Battle Ship, Billiards Pool, Four Across and Tic Tac Toe.

Whoa whoa whoa? Tic tac toe? I’m gonna pay some chick to play me in a game that I can’t possibly win? If wanted any of that, I’d get into a real relationship.

What is the difference between “Flirty” and “Dirty”?

We have created two broad categories, “Flirty” and “Dirty” to help the PlayDate define and match her mood of gaming interaction and experience with those of the players. You can choose either option or both depending on how you feel! –site FAQ, via Kotaku.

Basically, you’re feeling desperate. And the cost of each game? Any guesses? $8.25 for ten minutes of XBOX, only slightly less than a massage. And these broads will probably do fine. We owe a debt of thanks to these horny losers keeping our economy afloat. Thanks, horny losers.

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