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First things first: by popular demand (read: angry mob), I need to mention that Daisuke Matsuzaka earned the win against the Blue Jays last night despite letting them back into the game.  With the Sox leading 10-1 after five innings, Dice-K surrendered eight runs in the 6th.  But the Sox put three more on the board and went on to win 13-10, extending their AL East lead to seven games and improving their major league-best record to 83-55.

(Fun fact:  For those of you late to the show, when Matsuzaka was new to the American sports world, is was goddam impossible to find pictures of him on the Internet.  So I went searching for something else from Japan to accompany the Dice-K stories.  And it was either Yoko Matsugane or Hello Kitty.  I stand by my decision.)

Now, on to the actual big story from MLB last night: Pedro Martinez threw five effective innings in his first start in nearly a year, allowing three runs and getting the win against the Reds and perenially-overlooked Cy Young candidate Aaron Harang.  Um, I guess that's pretty much the entire story.  Man, baseball sure is exciting.

Other MLB scores: Ichiro hit a home run and notched his seventh straight 200-hit season as the Mariners ended a nine-game skid with a victory over Yanks, pulling within one game in the Wild Card standings.  Not that it matters: Horacio Ramirez still starts tonight… Carlos Zambrano sucked again, got booed, and now he's pissed at the fans or something.  "Boo hoo hoo, my life's so hard!  I won't even make $100 million over the next five years!"  Christ.  When does the NFL start again?

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