Watch The Houdini Of Pee-Wee Quarterbacks Turn A Sack Into A Touchdown

08.28.15 3 years ago

This is a pretty good week for young people doing awesome sports things. First we had the high-schooler who put on an absolute clinic while nailing 120 three-pointers in 5 minutes; now we have this Pee-Wee quarterback who might also be a spectacular magician.

In the spectacular clip above, you’ll see this little dude channel his inner Houdini and escape what looks to be a surefire sack, then scramble before airing out an excellent toss on the run to one of his receivers for one of the funnest touchdowns you’ll see for a while. He’s basically Michael Vick from Madden 2004, so this team is a bunch of filthy cheaters for using him.


(Via SB Nation)

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