Peephole are Insensitive

Pro Wrestling Editor
06.23.11 9 Comments

I don’t like to just regurgitate what I see on Deadspin, but this video of Erin Andrews shutting down a heckler by just sort of talking to him needs to be seen by as many people as possible. A spectator (identified as a “12yr old” by the video title, though he doesn’t sound incredibly 12) yells “I’m gonna watch your video tomorrow!” at her. Andrews, who is probably not totally okay yet with the fact that somebody secretly video taped her in her hotel room and posted it on the Internet, asks him what he said. He said “HEY CAN YOU SIGN MY BALL”. No, the part after that. Nothing? And then he learns a short, beautiful lesson about how to talk to people in real life.

I think this would be a great idea for a television show. Find people who talk sh** about celebrities on the Internet, then bring them out on a game show and award them for how much of it they can say to the celebrity’s face. Hopefully the producers can keep it to “I HATE YOUR MOVIES, KATIE HOLMES” and away from “I like you because of what a pervert did to you”.

Oh well, this insulting/insulted kid is still better than those little sea gulls yelling BALL, BALL, BALL at players every time they walk near the dugout.

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