Penn State’s 258-Lb Kicker Blew Up A Kick Returner And It Was Spectacular

Penn State kicker Joey Julius is already well known for one particular reason. While he certainly is a capable kicker at the highest level of college football, his claim to fame is weighing in at 258 pounds according to Penn State’s official roster, and Julius has become a household name in the sport as a result.

During Saturday’s opener against Kent State, Julius added yet another item to his increasing war chest of highlights, as he raced down on kick coverage to deliver an already legendary hit.

Kent State’s Raekwon James received the brunt of Julius’ girth on this particular play, and even if the kicker did not exactly execute flawless technique, there is no room for judgment. To the extent that these things can be tracked, it appears that Julius is the largest kicker to participate in major college football since former Florida State and current Oakland Raiders standout Sebastian Janikowski, and this is a perfect example of Julius putting that hefty frame to good use.

Joey Julius is affectionately known as “Big Toe” for his kicking exploits, but from this point forward, the football-viewing public may be forced to contemplate a nickname change to accommodate his new and utterly fascinating skill set as a special teams mauler.