Penn State’s 258-Pound Kicker Absolutely Demolished This Michigan Returner

Just about everything went wrong for Penn State on Saturday afternoon during its game against Michigan. However, two things went right: stud running back Saquon Barkley had a big game, and portly kicker Joey Julius completely lit up another poor return man. Those are the two best parts of every Penn State game (well, at least for Nittany Lion fans), and while Barkley is a stud, nothing brings people more joy than watching Julius lumber down the field and just obliterate a poor return man.

Julius kicked off after a Nittany Lions’ first touchdown in the fourth quarter. He trailed the coverage team but still got down the field, and right when it looked like Jourdan Lewis was going to break through, Julius was there to lay the lumber like he’s a dang middle linebacker.

Here it is from another angle, because you can’t watch something this spectacular from only one angle:

Sure, this was more clothesline than it was tackle, but either way, it was wonderful. Never stop tackling people, Joey Julius. Heck, Penn State has some serious injury concerns at linebacker, perhaps James Franklin can get really creative and slot everyone’s favorite kickoff specialist at the heart of his defense.