Pensacola Baseball is Business in the Front, Party in the Back

Pro Wrestling Editor
05.05.11 6 Comments

Pensacola, Florida, is set to host a brand new Double-A Affiliate of The Cincinnati Reds in 2012. Pensacola Professional Baseball (who are making a huge mistake) has selected the top six finalists for the club’s Name the Team contest, and fans are voting for their favorite through May 14. Some of the choices are what you’d expect from the Minor Leagues, like the Redbones (symbolizing the “dog days of summer” and “doggone fun,” respectively), the Aviators, the Salty Dogs and the Loggerheads.

Unfortunately one of the choices is especially cute, and we may end up with another Butthead Memorial Auditorium on our hands.


– Mullets are one of Pensacola’s most popular fish, as well as a fun, wacky team name Minor League Baseball is known for. Mullets stand for the fun, off-the-wall entertainment fans can expect at Maritime Park next season and beyond.

In case you’ve never spent five seconds in the United States, the Mullet is also a godawful short in the front, long in the back hairstyle made popular by country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, pitcher Randy Johnson, and nearly everyone I was related to in the 1980s. Anyone signed to the Pensacola Mullets wlll be suspect to any number of wig promotions, tractor pulls and midget pro wrestling exhibitions, as well as a weird longing to play for a team with a more respectable name, like the Biscuits or the Crawdads.

You can head over to the Pensacola website and cast your vote. Personally I’m voting for the “Blue Wahoos.” They can use the crying Indian from the old littering commercials as their mascot.

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