People Are The Worst: Winning Bidder Of Jack Hoffman’s Trading Card Won’t Pay Up

In perhaps my frontrunner for favorite sports moment of 2013, the Nebraska Cornhuskers’ decision to let a 7-year old cancer patient named Jack Hoffman participate in last month’s Spring Game and even score a touchdown has made an amazing impact on the boy’s life. Since that day, he has already had his very own, limited edition Upper Deck trading card printed and he even met with President Obama at the White House. Because of this attention, Nebraska Sen. Deb Fischer also successfully pushed to have Jack’s birthday, September 26, declared National Pediatric Brain Cancer Awareness Day.

There was absolutely nothing negative about this heart-warming story that could seemingly help raise awareness for so many other children throughout the country, as they cope with horrible illnesses. But people are both stupid and horrible, so of course someone had to ruin the fun.

Upper Deck then created blow-up cards of Jack and one of the silver autographed cards (three are signed in silver and one in gold) was auctioned on eBay earlier this month for The Team Jack Foundation. The final bid came in at $6,100 – shattering anyone’s expectations and adding more excitement to a special story.

But unfortunately, there is no happy ending when it comes to this auction.

Too often there are stories of high-end ticket items that go unpaid – and that is true in this case as well.

Prep 2 Pro Sports owner Mike Schnoor, who is selling the cards on behalf of the Team Jack Foundation, has not received any money for the Hoffman card despite contacting the final bidder and the next couple of bidders on the list.

“It’s a pretty sore subject around here,” Schnoor told Beckett Media. “The guy who ended up winning said a guy logged into his account and bid on it as a joke. It goes from a great story to kind of sobering.” (Via Beckett)

WHY??? Why is that funny? How is it a joke to pretend to bid $6,100 on something that is going to possibly help save a young boy’s life? Mike Schnoor needs to reveal the winning bidder’s name and let the Internet have at him. This is despicable. It makes me so angry. Wolverine, kick that trash can for me.

God, I wish we could put people like this sh*thead on a rocket and fire it up his own butt.