People Still Think This Picture Of Manu Ginobili With A ‘F*ck LeBron’ Sign Is Real

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06.06.13 3 Comments

Back in March, San Antonio Spurs guard Manu Ginobili became presumably the first NBA player to ever host an “Ask Me Anything” session on Reddit. Someone else may have done it before him, but I read that he was the first on a Spurs message board and this is a crash course on Internet laziness, so bingo bango – conclusions!

As with all AMA sessions, Ginobili proved it was him by Tweeting out an image of himself holding up a white sheet of paper with something like, “Behold, I am Manu!” or “Manu, Manu!” written in the imaginary voice that I created for him a long time ago. In fact, here is that very image…

See? Manu, white paper, something written on it, and it’s clearly not, “F*ck LeBron”. But the best part of those AMA images is that they’re so much fun to photoshop, so that’s why someone edited the image to feature the words “F*ck LeBron” on that piece of paper, and now that the Spurs are facing LeBron James and the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals, that photoshop is beginning to rear its ugly head on the Twitters, the Tumblrs and even some sports blog sites out there.

As always, I like to fancy myself a bit of a hobbyist when it comes to debunking photoshops, because there are certain sites out there that like to post them as fact and then try to turn the fiery venom of their own trolls on me when I point out that they’re being dicks. Also, I’m not very good at making my own photoshops, so I get really jealous when someone makes them better and actually fools people.

But more than anything, “F*ck LeBron” is just boring. If you want to really rile some morons up and get the Twitters chirping about Manu and his piece of paper, at least try to be a little creative with it. For instance, don’t make it seem like Manu is going after LeBron. If that’s what it takes for LeBron to be fired up and motivated, then that’s pretty sad. So let’s aim our sites higher and go after the biggest trolls we can find, like:

And to keep this fair and balanced:

Let’s make a generic one so you can send it to someone you don’t like and be like, “Yo Manu’s talkin trash!”

Notice how we’re accomplishing our goal without cursing? That’s called maturity. Speaking of, let’s show some positivity:

So do I, Manu. They give life. Or we could even use this to surprise that special someone:

Aw thanks, Manu! I’ll let you know what they say and maybe you can be my best man. What’s that? You have one more? And you swear it’s real? Okay, hit me.

Wow, shots fired, you guys.

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