Pete Holmes Discussed How Difficult It Is To Cover Your Junk In Little League

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Pete Holmes Conan

You may know Pete Holmes as a successful stand-up comedian, the host of the Nerdist’s You Made It Weird podcast or, if you are one of my parents, as the voice of the baby in the E-trade commercials. If you remember him from childhood, he was the weird-shaped kid they made catch in Little League.

Holmes went on Conan last night (alongside Jeff Garlin and Olivia Munn, both dressed like they’d just gotten back from a cotillion) to talk playing baseball when he was a kid … specifically how difficult it is to find a cup that is baby-dick-sized. His recommendation for use instead of the adult small is wonderful, and I won’t spoil it for you here.

Check out the clip below.

I’m glad you don’t have to be one of the Superbabies anymore, Pete Holmes, although I’m pretty upset at what you’ve done to my ability to eat pistachios.

[via Team Coco]

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