Pete Rose’s Epic Photobomb During The ALCS Produced Some Mesmerizing Memes

Friday night’s ALCS game between the Kansas City Royals and the Toronto Blue Jays featured a 40+ minute long rain delay in the eighth inning, which meant that for nearly an hour, viewers watched Fox Sports 1 studio show. At one point, FS1 analyst and Major League Baseball hit king Pete Rose did this:

Why did Rose do this? No one really knows. All anyone knows is that people on Twitter saw it, got screenshots and raced to make the best memes/jokes that they possibly could. One such person was the individual behind the official Twitter account for San Francisco Giants fans.

When he’s not busy working for FS1, Rose apparently likes to take in battles on Mortal Kombat.

One person took this as an opportunity to argue that Rose should be in the Hall of Fame…

…while another decided that it would be fun to see Rose on a traditional Survivor Series team. Rose, of course, has done a ton of stuff in his career with WWE.

Even Bill Simmons decided to get in on the fun and make a joke at Rose’s expense.

The undisputed king of these jokes, however, is @iamHectorDiaz, who took this picture and had more hits than, well, Pete Rose.

The difference between baseball’s hit king and Twitter’s Pete Rose meme king is that Rose got worse as his career went on while these memes were consistently outstanding.

(via SB Nation)