Sportsnet Announces The New Sharks Coach By Remembering His Porn Star Run-In

New Jersey Devils Name New Head Coach
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After parting ways with Todd McLellan earlier this spring, the San Jose Sharks found their new head coach this week in Peter DeBoer, former head coach of the New Jersey Devils. DeBoer’s run with the Devils (2011 through 2014) was highlighted by a Stanley Cup Finals appearance against the Kings in 2012, when he also became somewhat of an internet star thanks to this moment:

That’s porn star and Kings fan Taylor Stevens (and her enormous chest) catching the eye of DeBoer behind the Devils bench during a playoff game in Los Angeles. Not shockingly, Stevens successfully managing to distract the coach (and several Devils players, apparently) — even just for a brief moment — went viral soon after the game.

If you forgot about that amusing encounter, Sportsnet provided a reminder on Thursday morning when its Hockey Central account elected to use this photo to announce DeBoer’s hiring in San Jose:

Indeed, photo selection is key. With plenty of professional, high-quality photographs at their disposal, they decided to go with a low-res screencap to accompany their article. Why? Because they know what the internet likes, apparently. (It’s boobs. The internet likes boobs.)

Unfortunately, Sportsnet was quickly called out on the photo choice and responded by immediately deleting the tweet, then re-posting without any porn stars accompanying the link.

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