There’s A Very Real And Important Petition To Change The Cincinnati Bengals’ Name To ‘The Harambes’


Hopefully you aren’t tired of jokes about Harambe, the famed murdered gorilla, because apparently the internet isn’t tired of them yet. The latest bit of dead gorilla-inspired chicanery comes from the world of online petitions, where thousands of people are supporting a call to change the name of the Cincinnati Bengals to the Cincinnati Harambes.

The name of the petition on — a petition that comes from a dude who isn’t even from Cincinnati, for what it’s worth — says it all: “Rename the Cincinnati Bengals to the Cincinnati Harambes in honor of Harambe.” As this trailblazer further explains:

“The Cleveland Browns named their team after a former Coach who made a great impact on their city so why cant the Bengals do it as well in honor of a hero who made an impact on their city too! #DicksoutforHarambe”

This is all, obviously, a joke, and a grammatically garbled joke at that. It’s also a very popular one, because as of this moment the petition has over 11,000 signatures. People aren’t tired of dead gorilla jokes yet evidently. Nobody is expecting the Bengals to actually change their name to the Harambes. They presumably won’t even get a word from the Bengals organization out of it.

The joke is starting to get a little repetitive, or rather very repetitive, but you can’t argue with results. Now if this were a petition to get Washington to change their football team name to the Washington Harambes, that might be a worthwhile endeavor.

As for Cincinnati’s Ohio counterparts the Browns, while they are probably set on the name front, adding a gorilla corpse to their quarterback depth chart might actually be a step in the right direction. Beats having Johnny Manziel around.

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