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So, remember those photos of Peyton Manning kicking it at a sweet sixteen birthday party? Specifically the one of him dancing with a hot chick? Didn't you wonder who that hot chick was? Yup, me neither.

However, Sports by Brooks — possibly the only sports site on the Internet less interested in sports than this one (and I say that in the best way possible) — did some digging, and that was no random hottie. It's Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat, who has a reputation for the risqué in her native India.

Since she stepped into the big bad world of movies, she has constantly been at the center of controversies and media attention for her alleged vulgarity. Her first movie, Khwaish [Wish], which took India by storm, had 17 kissing scenes. Her second film, Murder, was an unconventional thriller about a woman who embarks on an extramarital affair with an old flame. Sex and cleavage have won her instant stardom… Sherawat has struggled to leave behind the prudish mores of her hometown and now openly advocates showing skin and physical intimacy in movies.

Sounds like a script I wrote. Small-town girl grows up in a religious family and never learns about the wonders of sex… until she leaves for the big city and a handsome stranger opens up a new world of sexual intrigue — and danger. Will she ever be able to go back once she tastes the forbidden fruit? Or will her all-consuming search for pleasure take her over the edge? Rated PG for several kissing scenes.*

*This joke regularly done better at WWTDD. 

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