Peyton Manning Has A Long List Of Teams He’s Cheering For This Season

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Now that the dawn of the new football season is upon us (real football fans start salivating in June), it’s time to shift for the first time from the, “what’s Peyton Manning going to do” reports to the, “what does Peyton Manning think” reports. Considering this is the first time Peyton Manning hasn’t been preparing to suit up in 18 years (the 2011 season is kind of a wash), it’s time to find out just who Peyton will be rooting for. There are three obvious choices: his former teams the Colts and Broncos, then his sad brother’s team the Giants. But wait, there’s more!

Peyton told that he’d be rooting for some of his old coaches that have spread out across the league over the years.

“I kinda look forward to this year being a fan of a lot of teams, people that I have connections with,” Manning told reporters on Friday. “I’ll be pulling for Brock. Of course I’m going to be a huge New York Giants fan, but I’ll be pulling for the Broncos and the Colts. I’ll be pulling for Adam Gase and Jim Caldwell, the head coach of the Lions. Coaches and players I’ve played with and competed with. Being a free agent, if you will, this year, to be able to pull for a lot of teams.”

And he’s especially pulling for Brock Osweiller, who backed him up in Denver.

“I’ll be pulling hard for Brock, I know he’s going to have a great year,” Manning said.

Rounding up, Peyton Manning is cheering for 19% of NFL teams. That’s enough to infuriate even a casual fan. One team Peyton didn’t name, however, were the Patriots.

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