Enjoy Peyton Manning’s Broncos Teammates Amazingly Calling Him ‘Papa John’

Above is video from the locker room celebration after the Broncos snuck by the Kansas City Chiefs on one of the dumbest plays you’ll ever see. But a win’s a win, and Peyton Manning reached 70,000 career passing yards during the game, so he got the game ball from head coach Gary Kubiak. That’s nice, but it’s not why we’re here.

By far the best part of the video comes when Kubiak is introducing Peyton, as his teammates start calling out, “Papa John!” This means that the Broncos players do to Peyton what we all want to do to Peyton: Make fun of his goofy-ass commercials! But, hey, at least they don’t speak in obnoxiously high voices.

Peyton, once given the game ball, says he’s not one for speeches, which I’m not sure I believe after all the consumer goods he’s attempted to sell me over the years. That’s some good (edited-out) swearing, though.

(Via DenverBroncos.com)