PGA: I Guess It Was A Bunker

08.16.10 8 years ago 3 Comments

Something funny happened on the way to the first playoff hole for pro golfer Dustin Johnson yesterday (funny weird, not funny haha). He took a two-shot penalty after grounding his club in a bunker on the 18th hole, essentially disqualifying him from what would have been a three-man playoff for the PGA Championship, golf’s last major of the year.

The 26-year-old from South Carolina grounded his club in a trodden-down patch of sand on the 72nd hole at Whistling Straits. To a golfer, it wouldn’t have looked like a sand bunker, but the eccentric Herb Kohler had architect Pete Dye sprinkle a thousand of them, of all shapes and sizes, around Whistling Straits. And they’re all hazards, governed by the rules of golf.

Now, the case can be made that the PGA should’ve designated bunkers outside the gallery ropes — bunkers that fans step in — as waste bunkers, thereby allowing players to ground their clubs. But they didn’t.

That means that the club cannot come into contact with any sand at Whistling Straits until the shot is played. There are no gray areas. Johnson had no wiggle room. Ignorance of a rule isn’t a defense. –Robert Lusetich/FOX Sports.

Marty Kaymer would eventually win the tournament after the requisite three playoff holes. It’s nice to see white people in a country club gets busted for breaking the rules once in a while. This totally makes up for all of that Bernie Madoff business. Probably. Somewhat.

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