PGA Star Loses GD Mind

Pro Wrestling Editor
04.25.11 7 Comments

Ben Crane seems like a normal guy who could have a nice, under the radar career. But no, the Internet has turned everything into a high school talent show popularity contest, and the jocks are the first ones to put on wigs and put balloons into bras and do funny dances to “My Humps.” Suddenly, Crane is a weird hybrid of Dean Pelton from “Community” and Brian Wilson, moonwalking on the Internet in ladies underwear for your amusement.

Watch the following video to forever change your impression of Ben Crane. You know, honestly? This video might be a good thing. Because show of hands, how many of you had an impression of Ben Crane before clicking this?

It’s the best and worst thing to happen to golf since Tiger Woods sent that “you are wrong I’m bone thugs in harmon” text.

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