03.20.08 10 years ago 38 Comments

I have a close friend whose die-hard Cincinnati-area homerism leads me to favor Xavier every March, so — because I have no information or opinions of my own about the NCAAs — I have them going to the Elite 8 in the only pool I have money on.  So things at Chez Leather were tense while 14-seed Georgia enjoyed a double-digit lead for a good portion of one of the early games.  Thankfully, the Bulldogs' crippling lack of athleticism was their undoing, as the Muskies rallied to win 73-61.

Other early games: Kansas sleepwalks past Portland State, Michigan State handles Temple, and we haven't seen an upset yet.  Except my stomach.  Beer before noon and Chicago dogs?  Oof.

Right now: Marquette has a slim lead over Kentucky, with Oral Roberts-Pittsburgh on the way.   Mmmm… hot Oral-Pitt action.

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