Poker Pro Phil Ivey Must Repay $10.1 Million In Winnings To An Atlantic City Casino

12.19.16 2 years ago

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Finally, a story about a millionaire getting his comeuppance after taking advantage of the little people — casino owners.

Wait, that doesn’t make sense. Anyway, poker champion Phil Ivey and a companion have been ordered to repay $10.1 million to the Borgata, an Atlantic City casino. A judge ruled that Ivey and Cheng Yin Sun took advantage of a defect in the casino’s cards to win at baccarat and subsequently craps over four trips to the casino in 2012. This is like Ocean’s Eleven if it was very tedious and instead of Andy Garcia tracking down the assailants a judge was like, “Give the Borgata its money back.”

Although, as the story from NBC Philadelphia shows this judge probably knew his decision would be quote in a lot of publications. Look at this flowery nonsense:

“This case involves the whims of Lady Luck, who casts uncertainty on every hand, despite the house odds,” Hillman wrote in his opinion. “Indeed, Lady Luck is like nectar to gamblers, because no one would otherwise play a game he knows he will always lose.”

OK there, Judge Shakespeare. But really, it’s not a simple case of cut and dry cheating. This isn’t a story about the New England Patriots.

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