This Looks Like A Strange AOL Commercial

Phil Jackson joined twitter with a bang, when he Tweeted a bunch of jibberish about his 11 rings and most people were like, “This is going to be a joke about how it’s hard to type with 11 rings on” and sure enough, those people were right. But the joke was clever enough, and the Zen Master has gone on to Tweeting whatever he feels like, including this fun nugget from last night:

And everybody was all, “ZOMG Phil Jackson is calling out some dude named Mo! Is it Mo Cheeks? Moe Harkless? Mo Vaughn? Moe Howard?” and I was like, “Nah, it’s mo-mentum” and then I high-fived my dog. But let’s just say for sh*ts and giggles that Jackson was calling out someone named Mo for being a bitch. I’d have to side with Twitter user “WOO!” on this one:

11 championships you can say whatever the fuck you want huh bruh? My dawg.

And then Jackson was all, “What up, boo?” with Jeanie Buss, who may have my favorite profile pic on all of Twitter.


In conclusion, Phil Jackson may be 67-years old, but he uses Twitter better than everyone else.