Phil Mickelson Gave Two Youngsters Operating A Lemonade Stand A Huge Tip

Elise and Roland Van Karsen are two young lemonade entrepreneurs. After setting up shop near the PGA Tour’s Memorial Tournament in Dublin, Ohio over the weekend, one of their customers ended up being Phil Mickelson.

As Roland explains it, Mickelson got out of his car, bought a cup, and left his sister and him a generous $99 tip.

So, how will they make use of their new fortune? Elise will save up for a Kindle. Roland, on the other hand, wants a Nerf gun.

It’s tough to blame them, but if young Elise and Roland really want to be successful entrepreneurs, they would invest that $100 back into their company. Extravagant spending on non-essentials is no way to grow a business, and so for that reason, I’m out.

[via BroBible]